Monday, September 22, 2014

There's More Beyond

I'm sure we've all heard about shifts and especially paradigm shifts. A paradigm shift is a deep shift out of an old framework, or structure. It could possible be a mindset and accompanying lifestyle, it might be a method of ministry. At any rate, it's a time of change into a new thing and it's to be embraced with joy. Change is a sign that we're growing.  In the shifts of the Father we will experience a brand new God perspective and order. New freedom and new boundaries. When it's God's time these shifts might come in as a storm, but as we endure with patience they always bring wonderful changes. 

We can climb a mountain of doubt with the strength of the power of Christ's blood. We will ride the winds of the Spirit into lofty places we've never visited before and go where we could never go on our own,. We'll become a new Me we've never known. I've been there and I've soared as on the wings of the eagle into free and beautiful places. 

I'm so glad to say that all things are becoming new.. I am closer to the cross than I've ever been. And I know there's much more beyond!

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