Monday, September 22, 2014

Mercy Missions

I was just meditating on a word from a strong saint that talked about how God uses tensions and life trials for good purposes. I love to learn from the word and the anointed elders. I know the word does teach us that we are counted worthy of maturing in Christ by our willingness to suffer according to the will of God. It even makes it clear that we learn lots of wisdom from trials and also that Father expects long suffering to be joyful.

I am one who is very well advanced in years and I have a heart for other aging saints. That doesn't mean I'm against the young, it's just that we who have grown in the Lord have lived and learned a lot. In my lifetime I've been through a lot of hard trials. Before I met the Lord, and that was many years of life, I never learned much from trials. I got through them one way or another, but they never actually worked for my good. I got bitter and weary, lost a lot of friends, money and property, and nearly lost all hope. And I saw no way out, because I thought then that these things were just a normal way of life.

I was outside the covenant of grace then, as so may suffering human beings are. However, I'm new now. I have a new life and a new mindset. As I've studied on this over the years it seems to me that the old life trials and their burdens and the new trials and their lessons have given me a wisdom that God is allowing me to use for his kingdom. Now I'm pretty well seasoned, I have some years of experience in both kingdoms, the world and the kingdom of Christ.  I have a new depth of word knowledge and I have an ever present help in my Father. I have a new compassion for those who suffer with hard life trials. I do know how hard it is out there in the world and how weary and hopeless a poor man with few resources and little education can get. It can be overwhelming. I hope to be led by the Lord to such people and follow his leading in helping them to find new life.  The love and the strength of God through Jesus Christ can help the little man, any man who will be willing to humble himself and open his heart up to the ways of Christ's kingdom. Bow low and never forget how desperately needy of heavens help we all are. The mercies of God are new every morning!

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