Monday, September 22, 2014

Prayer For Strengthening

Jesus, draw us closer and be stronger than our fears and mightier than our discouragement. You are our hope and our savior, the Mighty Redeemer King who thought us worthy of dying for. The battle rages and we get weary. We find it hard to fight through to the breakthrough. We've heard many words of promise for the victory we need. But in our weakness it's so hard to stand strong against the storms that are swirling around us like a hurricane. We need refreshing and rest. Jesus, we are weak but you are strong. Touch us in deep places of the heart and make us new. Wash us clean tonight and restore the joy of our salvation. Give fresh resolve and new strength to run the race. Help us to rise up and to hold fast to our confidence in the integrity of your eternal word. Thank you for your enduring graces. Prepare us for the wonderful new day of tomorrow.

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