Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Paths And Promises

I'd love to share with you a few fresh hearthoughts about our quest for God. I am a seeker and I know there are quite a few others who have made that a very serious priority in their everyday life. I do know that hearts are stirred when likeminded people of God find another who seeks the heart of God. I'm talking about the ones who truly desire to know him as Father and God and are willing to pay the price. I have learned that there are those who do set out on a quest, but some get sidetracked into a quest of seeking what they can get from God. Right now, as I said that my thoughts went back to another day when a mighty man of God spoke a word that warned me and all who listened about "using God" rather than loving God and seeking to know him and serve him. That was a word I needed to hear, because at the time I was very young in the Lord and I was not yet established in gospel truth. I began to realize that my heart was not right. The word brought a heart change and the motive for my quest was purified a little. I began to have a more realistic God perspective.

I really believe that all men want and need peace and love, and that many do know it can be found in God. We all have needs. Mostly, we come to God with our hearts set on self. We have our lists of desires and causes and our assumptions of what godliness really involves. And while it's true that a small measure of the blessings of God can be realized by a surface search, I warn you that any promise of peace and the blessings of God without a full heart surrender is a promise of peace that can lead to destruction. The broad road, the false gospel of peace, peace, when there is no peace. We will have no strength to endure and stay in the race, hearts will grow weak and worldly pursuits will overcome us.

The truth is that the true road is narrow. A life in God which qualifies men for the wonderful blessings for obedience of Deuteronomy 28 must be built by God himself on the foundation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. There is no other way to eternal peace.

We as a body are in a season of sifting and shaking. God is inspecting foundations in professing believers. He is coming into his garden searching for sweet and good quality fruit. What will he find when he visits us? I hope he will find a fire for him and his truth in our hearts. He will work mighty wonders of refining and multiplying fruit when we have been careful to cultivate hearts which are sincere and humble. We've got to go back to the heart of worship It's all about Jesus, it's not about us.

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