Thursday, April 2, 2015


This is a word about some sad truths, but truths that are a fact of life. It's about a subject that is dear to all of our hearts, relationhips.

Who doesn't desire sweet, pleasant, loving relationships that last? I think it's a need we all have in common. This may surprise some of us, but honestly, there are some individuals and families who have never known what peaceful, loving relationships are.
These people have always been surrounded by strife and often even physical violence.and have learned over time to accept it as normal.

Sadly, these patterns of lifestyles tend to make love appear to be a curse rather than a blessing. Peace is fleeting or absent and we live life as on an emotional roller coaster. In some cases everyday life can be traumatic. I came from a background where we were ignorant of truth and relationships were hurtful and unforgiveness was a way of life. I know it's something many live with. Over the years I've sought the Lord and prayed over it and these are my prayer thoughts.

If we look closely for the truth we will find that the causes are mostly rooted in generational behavior handed down through a bloodline. That's not to say it's actually in the blood, but it's rooted in patterns of responses and learned ability, or lack of it, to handle life in it's imperfections. Division is seen as a problem solver and it becomes a way of life. When one is raised in a "war zone" they are deeply effected. I say as an example, it really is a lot like "Monkey see, monkey do". We find that we are unable to consistently love and show kindness to those we love the most. The way we do life has been written on hearts and minds. The way role models dealt with things is the way we have learned. There is little or no hope for these people to overcome the emotional battle scars and learned behavior responses that have been etched deeply into their hearts over a lifetime. When I say no hope I mean in the natural order of life.

But there is good news over old life patterns. We can be transformed and ushered into new life patterns. The heart can be healed and the mind renewed. Jesus died to live within and change our hearts and lives.

Only He can take the wrong and make it right. If we remain willing to receive his love and instruction we can become overcomers. We can change the life stories of the generations coming behind us. The soul anchored in the hope of the Lord is well kept and satisfied always! The issues of soulish patterns that keep us from purity in God will be healed to the uttermost by Holy Spirit. He will be your glory and the lifter of your head!

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