Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Strife Storms And Love Winds

Phil 2:3: 

Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves...


I think on this one scripture and see how very challenging it is to walk in this godly grace. And speaking strictly for myself, although I'm very well along in years, I still find that the life lessons I've learned have not equipped me for this kind of love.  My attempts to live this out in times of strife have revealed things in me that I need to seek the Lord's grace and mercy to deal with. We can go along doing wonderful good deeds and show mercy to many as long as all is rolling along smoothly. But then a storm. We pride ourselves on position and authority and when the lines we've established are crossed by someone we often react in very inmature ways. We need growing up instruction and graces.



Happily, Jesus comes to rescue us from our childishness and conflicts. He has loved us and equipped us with his wisdom, a deep ever present well of a better and a sweeter way. Because we are sensitive to Him He causes us to pause and think. He comes with thoughts of compassion, "I wonder why she/he is so irritable? I wonder what has hurt him/her?" thoughts. And personally, my old hard heart goes through a new melting process. The truth is that If I'm the more mature I can be graced to act like it.  Now by his love for us all we're better able to respond with love and comfort. And the storm blows through, leaving us both better off than we were before it came.  I know that we are all as small children to him we have to be taught how to behave. And little by little we find that sooner or later the lessons we learn cause our joy and love to be fuller. We've finally fought through to a new triumph over a spirit of strife and it has to flee.


Give no place to the enemy and his fiery darts of irritation and hatred of anyone! The devil wants to force us into unforgiving soulish responses that set off fights. Don't allow the enemy to steal your joy and faith. Forgive yourself, forgive others and God will restore. His promise is that we will dwell in peaceable habitations.

Peace releases the glory rains from heaven over our lives...Humility is built up in us as we walk through these valleys in submisive truth. And our ways are renewed.

A song about how Jesus is our storm chaser.....Storms Never Last......https://youtu.be/Jch9tsVSv-w