Monday, September 22, 2014

Story Book Lives

Have you ever thought of yourself as a letter to God's people? Paul spoke about this in 2 Corinthians 3. Living letters. Life stories written on our hearts as we live our lives seeking God.  His desire is that men can read our lives and realize that God is real. That men will see his Son in us.  Moment by moment he will watch over us and refine and purify so that we will be his witnesses to many. As we walk with him and grow into new maturity he will write new pages and new chapters. I've heard some prophecies along the way that made me think I might someday write a book. Actually, I'm finding that my life is a book. He put a dream in my heart years ago. In a vision he said "Salvation of the souls of men". That is a story of bringing heaven into the earth realm. The kingdom of Christ within. And it will be my life story. My story is unique and so is yours, because all who are called can become new creations for his glory. Never despise the days of small beginnings. Someone needs to hear your story.

There's no way I can perfectly describe to you the joy of knowing him. His love is deep and it's wide and there's just no end to it fro those who are his. He loves to guide the willing into wonderful new life places. Remember that there is a season for everything, and in His time He makes all things beautiful. Be encouraged, think on how Esther's life story became a story for his glory!

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