Thursday, January 22, 2015

Yielded Vessels

Over the years I've watched and prayed and sought to learn from the Lord and from his anointed ones and even his servants. I have not yet accomplished all that perfectly but I have begun to learn some good things about who he is and who he has created me to be. My focus is set on Jesus and on learning to do my part wherever he wants me. I've watched and learned from some leaders both what it's good to do and also what it's not good to do. Both from scripture and from modern day leaders. Like we can learn a lot from King David's life, King Solomon's life and Abraham's life. And we can look around us and see modern day ministers we can learn a lot from also. We can choose according to our intimacy with the Lord who is trustworthy to follow and who is not. We can seek wisdom and ask understanding to resist being influenced by any who could lead us in any wrong direction. I'm reminded often that Jesus said that many will fall by our side but that it shall not come near us. I hold fast to that promise. I've seen some fall and I've seen some get back up. I never want to fall, so I draw close to the strong and righteous anointed ones as much as I know how. I try hard to walk in love and peace and avoid arguments and debate about who's good and who's bad, and I know well that sin in leadership is not pleasing to God. And he will deal with it. But I do hold fast to all that God has revealed to me personally as to how to deal with my part that he has given me. I ask that he would make me a friend to all he is friend to. I daily ask a new and fresh love for friends I love dearly who see things differently than I do. We're all our way somewhere with the Lord and it will be a much sweeter and more prosperous journey if we get firmly locked in with the Holy Spirit and learn how to do things His way. He invites us to be yoked to Him and to learn from Him. He will take us to places we do not desire to go and then He will make us to delight in them. And we will be exceedingly glad and we will rejoice in the journey.

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